Survivor Speaks Out

Our story is narrated a little like this. Three Survivors with three unique stories and three unique brands decided to come together and work for our community. Our passion and mission does not stop within our local communities but it is spread abroad to many people like us. Each of us have survived sexual assault on some level and knew that we possessed what it takes to help someone else along their healing journey. Because of our trauma, we all share a common bond and that is survivorship! We survived and we want to help other victims, survivors, and warriors catapult into their greatness!

Acts of sexual violence erode a victim’s safety, dignity, and self-identity. The survivor of sexual abuse often remains silent and full of shame, guilt and self-hatred, and feelings of unknown worth. Marred by the tragedies of the abuse, the victim often suffers from depression, suicidal thoughts, post-traumatic stress disorder, addictions, and chronic health conditions. To cope, survivors cut, numb out with substances, recycle the abuse through violent relationships, or strike out at others.

We would like to stand as a community in solidarity to releases us all from chains of sexual abuse, rape, molestation, and any effects associated with said abuse. We will move forward in rendering old energy into nothingness. We will move to Let IT All Go/RELEASE IT. Survivor Speaks out will have a call to release utilizing teal balloons as a ritual to allow you to release that old, heavy, and negative energy and allow it to escape and be diffused with the wind.

Honor any emotion that comes up for you, but allow this time and place as closure to the past and an opening to your future. Allow yourself time to reflect and recognize that you have closed the door on that part of your life. Leave yourself free to claim a better and brighter future. We are raising funds for “Celebrate the Release” which is the balloon release ceremony for all victims, survivors and our supporters.

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