Texas lawmakers file ‘Lavinia Masters Act’ to address rape kit backlog

AUSTIN, Texas – State Representative Victoria Neave (D-Dallas) filed a bill this week aimed at reducing the backlog of untested rape kits across Texas. House Bill 8 is called the “Lavinia Masters Act.” The bill’s namesake traveled to the Capitol Tuesday to share her story.

With the Texas Legislature Adjourned, Here’s a Look at New Laws Going Into Effect This Year

click to enlarge With the legislature adjourned and the Sunday veto deadline past us, 477 new laws have already taken effect in Texas. Governor Greg Abbott has signed so many bills into law, you might have lost track of what is exactly changing.

Governor signs HB 8 into law to end backlog of rape test kits in sex assault cases

Austin Police say they’ve already taken action to end the backlog of rape kits needing to be processed. Now the new Lavinia Masters Act will make sure the rape kits are processed in a timely fashion across Texas, and give prosecutors more time to file charges if they’re not.


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